Tulip Bulbs

Tulip Bulbs

We source all our bulbs from Sam van Schoten, a real bulb farmer. He is one of the most capable bulb farmers in the Netherlands, and he has been in the business for over 50 years. Tulips are grown in two seasons: Between May and September is the fresh tulip season. This is the period when bulbs come fresh off the Dutch tulip fields. As the demand is also great after September, so some bulbs are frozen to be sold throughout the rest of the year. These come from the same farms as the seasonal bulbs, and are perfectly preserved by a proprietary freezing method. If you keep your bulbs frozen, they can be kept for over 5 years! Also, when kept in a dark place (like your suitcase), they cna be kept for over a year. Just make sure that the bulbs dont see too much sunlight until the day you plant them.

For Canada and America and Australia, a special document is needed to be able to import these bulbs. We happily provide this document at the counter, free of charge.


The tulips come in a wide range of colours, as well as types. Form round leaves, to pointy or starry shapes, we have it all.

Large quantities

We provide shipping of large quantities. If you wish to place an order, you may contact us at info@utrechtsouvenirs.com.

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